Sunday, May 8, 2011

What an awful day it was

Beautiful day outside, sun is shinning, warmish weather, not a cloud in the sky, it's mother's day...oh what a beautiful day to go to a liquor store and be a bitch...

"How much is your candy bars?"

"One dollar."


"No, it's a liquor store we sell mainly liquor" and *smile*, and no smile back in return, oh well.


"Do you sell limes?"

"Yes, that's $1.00"

"A DOLLAR?! for a lime?!? I could go to the grocery store and get 4 for a dollar there!"

"Ok by me."

"Eh, but I'm already here and it'll save me from stopping."

Next please!

"Do you have your ID?"

He stumbles to get his wallet out, he is going way to slow for me. He opens his open to one of those plastic window things and says "You can see it." I can see it's from a state that I don't see a lot, I want to SEE it in my hand, rather through a yellowish plastic window.

"Can you take it out for me?"

"It's right there"

"I need to see it in my hand." Finally after him saying "It's right there" 2 more times he takes it out. He is 21 years and 1 month-ish old, no surprise that someone who is barely legal is a jerk about it.

Next Please!

One fake ten dollar bill got by me.

Next over here!

One fake five dollar bill didn't get pass me, the owner of the bill is outraged that I wouldn't take it.

Next in line!

On cell phone "Yo dawg we are gonna have scrimp and steak on the grill. I'm gettin something to drink and I'll be over, you should go, really man it's gonna be happening. I'm gonna get that right now. Hey sis, sis, sis Hey sis, I'm trying to right now, Hey sis SIS, SIS"

Turns out he was calling me "sis" and I have no idea why. I'm no sis my no means.

Next please

Man is purchasing 12 bottles of wine, I go to get a box that will hold 12 bottles and he says "Ugh, I rather have a few bags, there's just no room in my car for a box." So I bagged 12 bottles of wine in 4 different bags, what a waste of paper and my time.


"Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" and repeat some more. I am not a mom, maybe that's way it was annoying to hear over and over, but probably not.

I can take the next person here!

"Don't you got plastic bag?"

"No, paper only."

"Ugh, plastic bags are so much better, they got handles and make it easier to carry."

"Paper is better for the earth and plastic is too weak for beer and bottles."

"Then you just double bag it and it won't break."

"Yeah that's good for the earth... Have a good one."

We were so annoyingly busy today, never had the usually 5 minute break of no one in the store. It was consent needy people. Why is it there can be a sign that is 3 feet wide and 8 feet tall and all it says is the price of the item that is sitting in front of it, but everyone has to ask "How much is this?!?!" Why can't they see the sign? Maybe it's just more fun to ask then to read.

Meanwhile I need new sneakers really bad, my feet are killing me and my bills are piling up at home, the check engine light is on in my car, the rent check is going to clean out my bank account and all I can think about is if that $20 coupon on my desk has expired yet for the shoe store. I get home and it is expired.