Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Lottery F that got kicked out

It takes a lot to be band from a liquor when you only play lottery, but he deserve it. Maybe 5 years it was. First off we have a staff of about 10 that can run the registers, we have a morning shift and a night shift. Our staff rotates around a lot to make things even for everyone. Anyway there was this one guy who would come in once a week, and he didn't come in on a certain day, just any old time he could. So he never saw the same girl time. He would go up the lottery machine and say "20 mega millions"
then pause
Meanwhile our machine is printing out the tickets
We then say "That's $20 please" while holding out his freshly printed tickets
and then he say "I wanted separate tickets." and make such an awful mean face.

Since no one can cancel these tickets we are stuck with them, so we get sort of mad too. He probably heard us say "You have to say you want them separate." a million times. But that doesn't matter to him because he is a LF.

So then it got to the point where he said once "You people are dumb."
He even got the "Sorry I'm not a mind reader" from me.

Finally one night a co-worker was reading the newspaper close to the lottery machine, our boss was sort of near by reading another part of the newspaper. The guy came in and said
"Oh you people can read? I thought you people where too dumb to read."
Our boss says "You can take your business somewhere else, I'm tired of you giving my staff a hard time."
He just put his head down and left the store, never to be seen again.

Oh what a happy day it was for us.


  1. I hate when people do that. I make them buy the tickets if it is their fault. If they don't want to buy them I call the cops. It has worked every time so far.