Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mega Millions is worth 355 million...

Yes, I know. Why do you keep telling me like I don't know. I filled in the sign that says what's it worth. The only thing I'm grateful for is now all states have both Mega and Powerball. So this night wasn't as bad as those nights back in the day. Just a steady constant flow of the People Who Play When It's Big and of course the Office Players. The Lottery Noobs weren't even that bad to be honest. So I'm really liking that all states are same. Maybe the boss doesn't like it, but meh, he's not the one who would have to stand behind the lottery machine for 8 hours.

Back in the day those awful lines would form, they would wrapped around 3 isles, blocking the mixers, whiskey and rum isles. Our machine was so slow too, that once someone asked for 100 signal tickets and the guy working the machine told them 'no' because it would take 10 minutes to do that. He started to get mad, but my co-worker looked out to the line of people and said "This man want's 100 signal tickets, it'll take 10 minutes to do that, should he be allowed to do it?" lol, of course the whole crowd of people yelled "NO".

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