Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Happens at least 2 to 3 times an average day, a customer will want to buy something but doesn't have the money to pay for it and usually say "Can I bring back the $1 later?" or "Can you let me slide?" or even ask the person behind them for a dollar. I don't know if this happens at other stores like maybe a grocery store or even at a wal-mart type store, definitely can't see it happening at a nice department store. But I feel it's the lowest of the low to even dare ask me if you can steal a dollar from my store, or take money out of my pocket to pay for your alcohol.

Sure sure, I have heard "I come here all the time, I promise to bring back a dollar later" thing, but why is it that I don't recognize you? I've been working here for 11 years and I don't know you, weird, lying to me isn't going to get you your beer either. I really don't care about how bad of day you have had, or that your wife left you, or that your children are ugly, all those things does not give you a right to take from me, or my store, or other customers.

Last time I checked we were a store that exchanges goods for money. This money pays for more products, the building and my paycheck, so don't fuck around with my goods, you are fucking with my money. If you don't have the money, you can't have the goods, it's as easy as that.

So tonight a group of black guys come in, bring up 5 22ozs of Bud's and ask for a 1/2 pint of E+J. Their total was $8 something and they were holding a total of $6 between the 3 of them and look at me and say "We are so close, can you let us slide?" I laughed while saying "No" so they dump the 5 pennies out of the penny cup, searching their pockets for change, one runs out to the car to dig up some type of money. Now they were about 80 cents off, "Comon' we are so close, I come in here all the time, I'll bring it back" "Nope, I don't like being short and getting fired, just put something back." I said. They wouldn't let up and neither would I. Finally they chose to downgrade the 1/2 pint to a 1/4 pint.

They are walking to their car when another customer is about to walk in the door, they stop him and ask "Hey man you got a dollar? Help us out man." The guy gives them a dollar and they run back in and exchange the 1/4 pint for a 1/2. Fucking sick in my opinion. The guy walks up and sees their exchange for the 1/2 pint and he says to me after the door closed behind them "Sooo they already had gotten stuff.... "


  1. I cannot begin to list the ways in which I agree with you regarding that infuriating behavior.

    I had a job once where it was a common practice for people to dip into the tip jar to get enough cash to complete their transactions.

    People sure can suck.

  2. Ugh that is sick taking from the tip jar, I don't understand how those people live with themselves, might as well steal from Jerry's kids too while their at it