Sunday, June 5, 2011

That's not what I said!

"I said I want 374 a dollar straight and a dollar boxed!" said some grumpy old guy to me in front of the lottery machine. I heard him cleary say he wanted 367, but I'll let him slide this time. I cancel the 2 tickets and print out 374 and as soon as he got to lookat them he siad

"That's not what I said, I want 326!" he said in a piss offed voice. I cancel the tickets yet again and repeat slowy and very loudly "3    2    6", "Yes, 326 is what I've been saying!"

I hand him his tickets and surprize they are wrong number... He is gettingangry at me, when he said be saying he   was sorry. I had him a piece of paper and told him to write down his number, that I'm not canceling one more ticket because he doesnt know what he wants.

He started to imply that I was stupid but a regular customer was standing in line and said "Sir, you said 326, I heard you, its your fault if the number is wrong." The old guy rolled his eyes and left.

Silly co-workers

Co-worker - "Ugh, I don't get why all these gross people hit on me all day?"

Me - "Your shirt is way too tight and your underwear is showing..."

Co-worker - "You think that's why???? I can't believe people notice that sort of stuff!"

Did you know that I don't want to hear your music?

So stop playing your crappy music through your cell phone speakers and walking around the whole store, standing in line, being waited on, all awhile your cell phone is playing music that sounds like it's from a 1970's stereo that's under water. This doesn't make you cool, this makes you rude and your parents should of never had you.

Shake shake shake

"I want a case of Heineken, the small ones." says some guy who doesn't even look at the huge cooler of beer.

"Yes, they are in the cool.." I get cut off by him asking "Can you get it for me? I don't know where they are."

"Sure thing." I start the long walk to the big beer cooler, the guy follows me. Since I'm getting the case I always go inside the cooler to avoid taking emptying the store shelves. The guy stands at the door waiting for me. I come back out with his case and go to hand it to him, but instead of him reaching his arms out he steps away from me... and asks "How much are those?"

So I carry his case over to where the huge price list hangs above the Heineken cooler door and say "$17.99 plus tax."

"Oh.... well how much is that with tax? Is there anything cheaper? I only have $20"

"It should be under $20 with tax, all the prices are listed above the cooler doors." I'm still hold his case of beer.

"Oh, well I'm going to look around a bit."

"Ok." as I walk to the counter with this stupid case of beer that this guy may or may not buy. So when I get behind some isles on my way to the front I give the case of beer a good shake, shake and a shake. Sure this guy isn't being mean or anything but he is being needy and annoying and doesn't know how to hold his own case of beer.

He comes up to the counter 10 minutes later and says "Ok how much is this with the tax?" We ring it up and sure enough $17.99 x 6% is under $20 but he had to go out to his car for change because no one wants change. Another customer comes in, we voided out the Heineken so we could um work. The guy comes back in and is trying to butt ahead of the person we are waiting on. I don't know why he would think we would wait for him. He has to wait 2 extra seconds for us to re-ring his Heineken up, so he rolls his eyes.

After he left I said to my co-worker "I shook up his beer."

"Thank you."

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What an awful day it was

Beautiful day outside, sun is shinning, warmish weather, not a cloud in the sky, it's mother's day...oh what a beautiful day to go to a liquor store and be a bitch...

"How much is your candy bars?"

"One dollar."


"No, it's a liquor store we sell mainly liquor" and *smile*, and no smile back in return, oh well.


"Do you sell limes?"

"Yes, that's $1.00"

"A DOLLAR?! for a lime?!? I could go to the grocery store and get 4 for a dollar there!"

"Ok by me."

"Eh, but I'm already here and it'll save me from stopping."

Next please!

"Do you have your ID?"

He stumbles to get his wallet out, he is going way to slow for me. He opens his open to one of those plastic window things and says "You can see it." I can see it's from a state that I don't see a lot, I want to SEE it in my hand, rather through a yellowish plastic window.

"Can you take it out for me?"

"It's right there"

"I need to see it in my hand." Finally after him saying "It's right there" 2 more times he takes it out. He is 21 years and 1 month-ish old, no surprise that someone who is barely legal is a jerk about it.

Next Please!

One fake ten dollar bill got by me.

Next over here!

One fake five dollar bill didn't get pass me, the owner of the bill is outraged that I wouldn't take it.

Next in line!

On cell phone "Yo dawg we are gonna have scrimp and steak on the grill. I'm gettin something to drink and I'll be over, you should go, really man it's gonna be happening. I'm gonna get that right now. Hey sis, sis, sis Hey sis, I'm trying to right now, Hey sis SIS, SIS"

Turns out he was calling me "sis" and I have no idea why. I'm no sis my no means.

Next please

Man is purchasing 12 bottles of wine, I go to get a box that will hold 12 bottles and he says "Ugh, I rather have a few bags, there's just no room in my car for a box." So I bagged 12 bottles of wine in 4 different bags, what a waste of paper and my time.


"Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" "Happy Mothers Day!" and repeat some more. I am not a mom, maybe that's way it was annoying to hear over and over, but probably not.

I can take the next person here!

"Don't you got plastic bag?"

"No, paper only."

"Ugh, plastic bags are so much better, they got handles and make it easier to carry."

"Paper is better for the earth and plastic is too weak for beer and bottles."

"Then you just double bag it and it won't break."

"Yeah that's good for the earth... Have a good one."

We were so annoyingly busy today, never had the usually 5 minute break of no one in the store. It was consent needy people. Why is it there can be a sign that is 3 feet wide and 8 feet tall and all it says is the price of the item that is sitting in front of it, but everyone has to ask "How much is this?!?!" Why can't they see the sign? Maybe it's just more fun to ask then to read.

Meanwhile I need new sneakers really bad, my feet are killing me and my bills are piling up at home, the check engine light is on in my car, the rent check is going to clean out my bank account and all I can think about is if that $20 coupon on my desk has expired yet for the shoe store. I get home and it is expired.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday...

Two neighboring states had a mandatory shut down of their liquor store/sales. We knew about the one state but were very surprised about the other one being dry. We were open regular hours, we are open everyday for 13 hours, 7 days a week and only are closed on Christmas day. So needless to say we were insanely busy yesterday.

I ran reggy 2 for 8 hours. On an average Sunday at reggy 2 I will get an approx 30 credit card slips, but on this holiday Sunday I got about 260 credit card slips. But people are crazy, they will travel up to 30 miles for alcohol and buy 2 beers twice in one day.

This one guy complained that our 5 cent cups because they cost.. 5 cents, even after being told "We paid for them, they aren't free." he said "Those should be free, it's like buying cigarettes and not getting a free pack of matches." I replied "Well it's illegal to drink and drive, so really you shouldn't need a cup and just wait till you get home. We don't support drinking and driving." With that being said he gave me the 5 cents.

I set up the answering machine to say "Yes we are open!" and stating the hours and a "drive safe, Happy Easter" message. We don't have to answer the phone all day, it's great. The main reason people call us is to find out if we are open on these major holidays. This also solves answering dumb ass questions to people that aren't even in the store. I hate it when people call to ask "How much is your Captain Morgan?", why don't you come in and find out. And I really hate Lottery Fucks calling asking "What where the numbers tonight?" I don't care, they should look it up online or call the lottery it's self.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

May I see your I.D.?

It's my job, it's the law, duh. If you do not look like you are 30 or over I am going to card you. Some people find it very annoying that I ask. I notice the younger they are the more annoyed they get. I really don't care that you are annoyed, it's not worth the fine I and the store would have pay, or losing my job, or getting the store shut down, all because you felt annoyed I was doing my job.

Younger people well roll their eyes and say "Ugh I'm still gettin carded!" and when I look at their age they are only 22. Which I reply by saying "Because you are 22...that's young."

I'm not very good with faces and I don't really care to get to know people so I will card the same person 3 times within the same day and not even notice. Unless you have a tattoo on your face or something awful like that I won't remember you, so bring your ID with you every time. I wait on 100's of people within an 8 hour shift. It would be different if I only waited on you all day long, but sadly I don't. So don't give me "I WAS JUST IN HERE!" cry, what did you lose your id already? Did you have to give your id back to the person who it belonged to? All I know is you are trying to buy something that has an age limit so prove yourself to me.

If you do throw a fit such as yell "I'M 21, I LIVE RIGHT DOWN THE STREET AND COME HERE ALL THE TIME, STOP CARDED ME ALL THE TIME, I'M SICK OF IT!!" So after your fit you hand me your id which says you are 21 and 2 weeks old, I'll say "lol, you come in here all the time? What for the last 2 weeks?" With a rotten attitude like that I try to remember to always card that person. Once a kid finally caught on and he apologized for his rude behavior a month later.

People that go to a liquor store without an id, wtf really? There are too many of you, why do you even bother? You don't look 30-something, you knew what type of purchase you wanted to make, so why'd you even bother opening our door? Get out and don't hang in the parking lot and ask other customers to buy you stuff. I will tell you to leave the parking lot, if you refuse I call the cops without letting you know. If you have a friend with you who is over 21 and has their id on them get them to make the purchase to begin with. Don't be an idiot and waste my time.

If you have a fake ID, thanks for making me laugh.

If you try to use some type of school ID, again thanks for making me laugh.

If you had your drivers license taken from you because of a DUI or something like that, I cannot take that piece of paper stating your name and your birth date. It may be state issued, but it's not a gov't made ID and it does not have a picture. Sorry get lost.

For awhile at the local farmer's market there was a stand that made id's for fun. They would put anything you want on there, it's for fun... It says on the back of those cards "This is NOT a government issued card"...So thanks for making me laugh. And why did you even bother getting a fake id of the state I live in? The farmer market fakes used a totally different layout and style, yeah...get the fuck out.

Beware of those tricky kids born in the right year but not the right day. I always make sure to double check that date, I was once one of those kids. I was born in December and for a whole year I was being served alcohol to those that didn't really look.

I once was threaten with "I should hit you over the head with this bottle!" I don't know how that help her need of an ID but it didn't as she was told to leave without even a chance to buy.

I carded someone and I knew the person on the ID, I went to school with her but I did not know the person standing in front of me. I asked her how Anne and her son were doing and she responded with "They are doing great, I went to see her last week" lol, wtf sorry get out.

The kids who think it's ghetto fabulous to buy cigs and blunts from a liquor store instead of the 7/11 that is only 2 stores down from us have a hard time being carded. They will slam their id's down on the counter as if they were going to win a hand at poker. Huff and puff as they go out to their cars to get their id. These kids won't be able to handle real life in my opinion. If acting like an asshole gets you what you want, you will only get what you deserve, maybe the stalest blunt in the box or a pack of cigs that are freshly squeezed.

Be kind or don't bother coming in, thank you.