Tuesday, January 25, 2011


"Smile, it aint that bad." said by numerous male customers everyday. I guess because I'm a girl I'm suppose to smile at men 24/7 for my whole life. Sorry guys, it's not that I won't, it's that I can't, it's impossible.

Sometimes I am smiling, not because I'm happy to see a customer, but maybe I heard a joke or saw something funny and what do I hear the next male customer say? They say "What are you smiling at?" Alright, so I can't win. I guess I'm suppose to smile on command.

Hmm but I don't get a higher pay rate if I smile or not, so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.


  1. Yes. "Smile" comments from customers are highly annoying. What sort of brain dead goober stands their smiling constantly? I often fake it out of habit. I am still unsure if they can sense my occasional insincerity.

  2. oops. i mean there. thanks a lot, proofreader.