Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday...

Two neighboring states had a mandatory shut down of their liquor store/sales. We knew about the one state but were very surprised about the other one being dry. We were open regular hours, we are open everyday for 13 hours, 7 days a week and only are closed on Christmas day. So needless to say we were insanely busy yesterday.

I ran reggy 2 for 8 hours. On an average Sunday at reggy 2 I will get an approx 30 credit card slips, but on this holiday Sunday I got about 260 credit card slips. But people are crazy, they will travel up to 30 miles for alcohol and buy 2 beers twice in one day.

This one guy complained that our 5 cent cups because they cost.. 5 cents, even after being told "We paid for them, they aren't free." he said "Those should be free, it's like buying cigarettes and not getting a free pack of matches." I replied "Well it's illegal to drink and drive, so really you shouldn't need a cup and just wait till you get home. We don't support drinking and driving." With that being said he gave me the 5 cents.

I set up the answering machine to say "Yes we are open!" and stating the hours and a "drive safe, Happy Easter" message. We don't have to answer the phone all day, it's great. The main reason people call us is to find out if we are open on these major holidays. This also solves answering dumb ass questions to people that aren't even in the store. I hate it when people call to ask "How much is your Captain Morgan?", why don't you come in and find out. And I really hate Lottery Fucks calling asking "What where the numbers tonight?" I don't care, they should look it up online or call the lottery it's self.

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