Saturday, April 23, 2011

May I see your I.D.?

It's my job, it's the law, duh. If you do not look like you are 30 or over I am going to card you. Some people find it very annoying that I ask. I notice the younger they are the more annoyed they get. I really don't care that you are annoyed, it's not worth the fine I and the store would have pay, or losing my job, or getting the store shut down, all because you felt annoyed I was doing my job.

Younger people well roll their eyes and say "Ugh I'm still gettin carded!" and when I look at their age they are only 22. Which I reply by saying "Because you are 22...that's young."

I'm not very good with faces and I don't really care to get to know people so I will card the same person 3 times within the same day and not even notice. Unless you have a tattoo on your face or something awful like that I won't remember you, so bring your ID with you every time. I wait on 100's of people within an 8 hour shift. It would be different if I only waited on you all day long, but sadly I don't. So don't give me "I WAS JUST IN HERE!" cry, what did you lose your id already? Did you have to give your id back to the person who it belonged to? All I know is you are trying to buy something that has an age limit so prove yourself to me.

If you do throw a fit such as yell "I'M 21, I LIVE RIGHT DOWN THE STREET AND COME HERE ALL THE TIME, STOP CARDED ME ALL THE TIME, I'M SICK OF IT!!" So after your fit you hand me your id which says you are 21 and 2 weeks old, I'll say "lol, you come in here all the time? What for the last 2 weeks?" With a rotten attitude like that I try to remember to always card that person. Once a kid finally caught on and he apologized for his rude behavior a month later.

People that go to a liquor store without an id, wtf really? There are too many of you, why do you even bother? You don't look 30-something, you knew what type of purchase you wanted to make, so why'd you even bother opening our door? Get out and don't hang in the parking lot and ask other customers to buy you stuff. I will tell you to leave the parking lot, if you refuse I call the cops without letting you know. If you have a friend with you who is over 21 and has their id on them get them to make the purchase to begin with. Don't be an idiot and waste my time.

If you have a fake ID, thanks for making me laugh.

If you try to use some type of school ID, again thanks for making me laugh.

If you had your drivers license taken from you because of a DUI or something like that, I cannot take that piece of paper stating your name and your birth date. It may be state issued, but it's not a gov't made ID and it does not have a picture. Sorry get lost.

For awhile at the local farmer's market there was a stand that made id's for fun. They would put anything you want on there, it's for fun... It says on the back of those cards "This is NOT a government issued card"...So thanks for making me laugh. And why did you even bother getting a fake id of the state I live in? The farmer market fakes used a totally different layout and style, yeah...get the fuck out.

Beware of those tricky kids born in the right year but not the right day. I always make sure to double check that date, I was once one of those kids. I was born in December and for a whole year I was being served alcohol to those that didn't really look.

I once was threaten with "I should hit you over the head with this bottle!" I don't know how that help her need of an ID but it didn't as she was told to leave without even a chance to buy.

I carded someone and I knew the person on the ID, I went to school with her but I did not know the person standing in front of me. I asked her how Anne and her son were doing and she responded with "They are doing great, I went to see her last week" lol, wtf sorry get out.

The kids who think it's ghetto fabulous to buy cigs and blunts from a liquor store instead of the 7/11 that is only 2 stores down from us have a hard time being carded. They will slam their id's down on the counter as if they were going to win a hand at poker. Huff and puff as they go out to their cars to get their id. These kids won't be able to handle real life in my opinion. If acting like an asshole gets you what you want, you will only get what you deserve, maybe the stalest blunt in the box or a pack of cigs that are freshly squeezed.

Be kind or don't bother coming in, thank you.

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