Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yay for Cell Phone jammers!

The cell phone jammer I ordered finally arrived, it's well worth the $25. It's a little hand held one, it's suppose to have about a ten foot range, but it seems wider than that. So far I've cut off 3 customers off from talking. One of them was talking loudly throughout the store, got him before he even made it half way towards the counter. Next was a lady with a blue-tooth, I said "Hello" and she said "Yeah, um what you want for dinner?", then all of a sudden she stopped talking about dinner, oh ha. The 3rd guy really pissed me off, he called someone while he was next in line and then started to argue with who ever he was talking to, he only got maybe 10 seconds of talk time.

So far the reaction to losing a call is they look at their phone, shrug their shoulders and put the phone down. No big deal, and I get them out of the store faster. It's a win win for sure.

My rules for cell phone edict are pretty simple, do not be near the cashier while on a cell phone.


  1. Woo I'm glad you got it in, I was hoping the site wouldn't rip ya off.

    Sounds like you are putting it to great use. Less phone and more attention to the clerk!!

  2. this is the funniest thing i've read all day.

  3. I try to be a good customer and not talk on my phone while making a purchase, but I had no idea about this trick!!