Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shake shake shake

"I want a case of Heineken, the small ones." says some guy who doesn't even look at the huge cooler of beer.

"Yes, they are in the cool.." I get cut off by him asking "Can you get it for me? I don't know where they are."

"Sure thing." I start the long walk to the big beer cooler, the guy follows me. Since I'm getting the case I always go inside the cooler to avoid taking emptying the store shelves. The guy stands at the door waiting for me. I come back out with his case and go to hand it to him, but instead of him reaching his arms out he steps away from me... and asks "How much are those?"

So I carry his case over to where the huge price list hangs above the Heineken cooler door and say "$17.99 plus tax."

"Oh.... well how much is that with tax? Is there anything cheaper? I only have $20"

"It should be under $20 with tax, all the prices are listed above the cooler doors." I'm still hold his case of beer.

"Oh, well I'm going to look around a bit."

"Ok." as I walk to the counter with this stupid case of beer that this guy may or may not buy. So when I get behind some isles on my way to the front I give the case of beer a good shake, shake and a shake. Sure this guy isn't being mean or anything but he is being needy and annoying and doesn't know how to hold his own case of beer.

He comes up to the counter 10 minutes later and says "Ok how much is this with the tax?" We ring it up and sure enough $17.99 x 6% is under $20 but he had to go out to his car for change because no one wants change. Another customer comes in, we voided out the Heineken so we could um work. The guy comes back in and is trying to butt ahead of the person we are waiting on. I don't know why he would think we would wait for him. He has to wait 2 extra seconds for us to re-ring his Heineken up, so he rolls his eyes.

After he left I said to my co-worker "I shook up his beer."

"Thank you."

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