Monday, March 28, 2011

Reusable Bags are NOT shopping baskets

We have for sale those earth friendly reusable canvas bags that holds 6 bottles of wine or whatever you want. We have a little display of them in the wine section of our store. Also at the front of the store are shopping carts and shopping baskets, but I guess having those things at the front of the store makes no sense because you haven't picked up anything yet...

At least once a week I get a person that grabs one of those bags, opens it up by breaking the little plastic ring and fills it up with things they want to buy. They walk up to the counter and push this bag up towards me. So I take everything out to ring it up, then I ring up the bag, all of sudden I've done something wrong as they say "Oh I don't want the bag, it was just easier to carry that way." "We have shopping baskets and carts for that." I say but they roll their eyes like I'm the one who's stupid and rude.

Yesterday it happened again, I said my usually "We have shopping baskets and carts for that.." and then I continued "You broke the ring on this one, now I have to fix it somehow and walk it back, they are not free to use like this." Then I threw the bag behind me without a care.

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