Monday, March 28, 2011

OMG you are so stop it

It's so funny when I say your total and you go to hand me your money and you pull it away. OMG I'm going to piss myself laughing, you are too funny and clever for me...

For the record I have never laughed but I have taken your stuff off the counter and waited on the next person who has passed the 5th grade.

Good lordy, why do you think it's so funny? Ah, that's right you aren't at work and you thought you'd cheer me up by making my job a joke....gee thanks

Once a man did this to the Boss on a super busy holiday, constant lines of 20-30 people long waited behind our 3 registers. Now the Boss has no patience when it's crowed like that, this guy was trying to buy 2 singles of cans of budweiser and he did the pull the money away trick about 3 times. So the Boss grabs one of the cans and slams it on the counter so hard the beer exploded in a stream straight up to the ceiling. Then says "Can I help the next person who wants to buy something!" The guy apologize, paid for the 2 beers and ran out with the 1 good can left.

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