Monday, April 4, 2011

Your receipt is your trash

It's well known that no one wants a store receipt for a six-pack beer, so our reggy's are set-up to not print a receipt unless we tell it to. I usually hit the print button for people who: complain about how much their total was, or if they spent anywhere close to $80ish and up, or anyone who says "Did you include my case discount?". My store receipt system really works well... but the receipts that are pissing me off are credit card receipts.

It is required that I give you a credit card receipt, it is NOT required that you leave it on the counter, or tell me to throw it away for you. Just fucking take the damn piece of paper and throw in the garage can out front by the door. It's really not hard to be responsible to protect your own identity. This little piece of paper you leave on my counter has the last 4 digits of your card, what type of card you have and your full name on it. I don't know how people go about stealing another's identity but I pretty sure you leaving that receipt behind well help them out a great deal.

It is not my job to tear up your unwanted half of your credit card receipt, the MOST I'll do is crumple it up and toss it at a trash can, or sometimes it'll fall off the counter where anyone can take it, or sometimes an angry clerk will pick it up and throw it at another clerk, who then throws it back and some how it'll end up on a shelf next to Jim Beam.

I find it rude when you ask me to throw it away for you, or just leave it on the counter, like you can't find a proper place for your own trash. Grow the fuck up, tear up your receipt and throw it in a trash can.

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