Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do you sell fake weed?

Got asked if we sell fake weed twice today by two different kids buying blunts. Alright kiddies I'm old and don't know what this is, but sounds like something a liquor store wouldn't have, so I goggled it. Lol, it's packaged and sold as potpourri and these kids are smoking it and throwing up.
oh word, fake weed

It must of been on the news that started this rumor mill and has these kids and all their friends wanting to smoke this potpourri. There really is no bad publicity when it comes to this stuff. Look at Four Loco that energy/alcohol drink in a can, it was killing college girls and everyone wants it. It was soon band from the distributor so we up-ed the price to $4.99 a can instead of the usually $2.49 and we sold out of the 8 cases we had left within a day of the band. If it wasn't for all the news this stuff would of just been sitting around collecting dust.

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