Monday, April 4, 2011

Flagged Pen!!

This guy is buying a 12-pack of beer, he pays with a credit card, as the credit card machine is thinking about approving this guy I put a pen down for him to use in about 5 seconds. He picks up the pen and taps it on the counter a bit and then asks "Do you have a bathroom?"

"Yes, in the corner, straight back."

Then he takes off for the bathroom with the pen in his hand... Meanwhile the credit card machine spits out his approval. There's 2 things wrong with this, why didn't he wait to finish his transactor and why the hell did he take my pen into the bathroom??

So he returns...the pen is still in his hand, he signs for this beer and leaves the pen on the counter. I claimed the pen was flagged and pushed it off the counter onto the floor, it landed behind our newsstand of free stuff to read.

The very next customer that came up, he was an older man who talked too loud. This guy sees the pen and says "Whoa free pen!" grabs it up and sticks it in his shirt pocket. Again there's 2 things wrong with this, he should of checked the pen to see if it wrote first...maybe or um...he should of asked if it was mine pen. Oh well, I hope he enjoyed his free pee pen.

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