Monday, April 11, 2011

Cell phone jammer is broken NOooOOOOooOOo

Or as the instruction manual says it's "in the bad", come on China I bought a fine product and it only last a few months. It took longer to ship then it took to break. It could have been my fault for leaving it at the store for fellow employees to use. I'm thinking someone dropped it on the floor, but no one said or would admit they did.

Could have been just cheaply made. Its battery wouldn't hold a charge after 2 weeks of use, we had to leave it plugged in all the time. Eh, still was worth the $25 I paid for fun and the peace and quite it gave.

I had 3 people in tonight just yapping away on their cells phones. First convo went something like from a big black guy with a big loud voice "He has Comcast, why would he change that? That's fucking stupid. Who would do that? He has Comcast, he wouldn't do that!!" I pushed the jammer's button, the little green light came on and he was still talking about how that guy has Comcast. Sometimes it can take time to cut someone off but this guy never got cut off. At the counter to the parking lot was nothing but "HE HAS COMCAST! WHY?!"

Second convo was from a short 30 something year old women on her bluetooth, "Well if she comes over tonight you can't go over there tomorrow. It's a school night honey" Then "EXCUSE ME! Where is your white zin?" Oh she was talking to me, she said, "excuse me" like I'm the one who is rude....then back to "No, I told you if she comes over tonight you can't go tomorrow!" Meanwhile I just point in which direction to go. I push the jammer button and then look at my phone; it drops 2 bars instead of 4. Well sonova, this sucks.

Third convo was from some lady who had nothing to say but "Uh huh", "hmmm", "tiisss and "hmmm". I do not and will not say "Thank you" or "Have a good one" to these cell phone people, but I do say the total very loud or ask CREDIT OR DEBIT? very loud, so that makes up for my lack of my opinion.

One problem with the jammer is that we can't leave it on all the time because it also jams cordless landline phones and 2 out of 3 phones we have are cordless. So it was always being turned off and on. I know when I would be in control of it I'd turn it on at least 8-10 times in a normal day. Maybe it's just dying from all the use it had within it's short life span.

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