Monday, April 11, 2011

Best Buy bathroom horror story

I know it's not my store but I was actually a customer at the time and I got bathroom horror on my mind so,

My friend and I were walking through the parking of our local Best Buy store, we passed some guy who was leaving and he said to us "Watch out for the shit in there!" For some reason I just assumed there was some loud mouth person in there throwing a fit, I was wrong.

Right there beyond the double automatic doors on their Best Buy blue and gray carpet was a turd. It must of just happened, there was a circle of employees standing there about 10 feet away just looking it. I walked around it as one daring employee placed a 'wet floor' sign near it. I heard someone yell "Get something to clean this up!" and then I saw a young boy running up there with a vacuum cleaner. The voice of who ever was in control said "NO! NOT A VACUUM! Get a dust pan..."

Geez, a vacuum cleaner

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