Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cell Phones

I hate people on their cell phones. I do not know if you are talking to me or the person on the line. I have given up on guessing, I do not care that your baby's daddy has a rash on his balls, I do not care if your mom is in the hospital and might die tonight. Why are you saying these things out loud in front of strangers? What is wrong with you?

So I ignore you during your whole transaction. I say your total very loudly. If you take too long to get your money out because you are trying to hold your phone I'll push your stuff aside and wait on the next customer. I do not make eye contact with you because you might want something else and try to point at the massive wall of pints and halves behind me that you want or even try to mouth the words of something. If you want something else you are going to have to speak to me like a human being.

Here are some options that you should do if you are in a store and your cell phone rings
  1. Hit the silent button and do not answer it
  2. Go outside
  3. Answer and say to the caller: "I'm in a store I'll call you back in 1 minute" or even "Hold on a minute
Here are some of things customers do:
  1. On the phone the whole time while in the store
  2. Drop things because they can't hold a case of beer and a phone at the same time
  3. Tell the person they are talking to "Sorry I'm at the counter" (they should be apologizing to me)
  4. Point to things they want
  5. Try to whisper or mouth the words of a Half Pint of Popov
  6. Talk way to loud and make it hard for me to hear anyone
  7. Talk about things I do not want to know about
  8. Are way too slow
You people make me sick and I hate you. The worst customer while on his cell phone held up his hand and with his index finger and gave me the "1 moment" sign. I pushed his stuff to the side and refused to wait on him. There was a long line behind him and since he didn't want the person he was talking to know he was in a store he couldn't say or do anything about it. Everyone else was very happy to have my attention, they want to leave and go have lives and not listen to some jerk talk on his phone.

I'm planning on solving this pet peeve by ordering a hand held cell phone jammer. Takes 30 days to ship but I believe it's worth the wait. You can walk into the store while on your phone, but don't even try to approach my counter.

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