Saturday, January 1, 2011


I like to yell at people doing things wrong. I like that other people look at you, they almost break their necks to see you. It makes you feel pretty stupid doesn't it? Oh lol, you are such a low life, everyone come look at this loser trying to steal.

I don't care how big you are, or what color you are, or how old you are, if I see you trying to steal something I am going to confront you. I'm not like most other clerks that wait for you to approach the counter or the exit door. What I like to do is watch you on the camera and then with my outside voice yell at you to put whatever it is back and leave the store. You look up in surprised and even have a look on your face like "is she yelling at me?" and then I say "I can see you on the camera, leave now before I call the police." That's my favorite way of doing it.

A huge fat black man was in the vodka isle and yelled up to us "Where is your rum?" We answered him "Next isle on the right." "OOh ok" he says, then he grabbed a fifth of vodka and jammed it down his sweat pants. What's funny is he pointed himself out to us by asking us a question and I looked at the camera to see where the rum isle was for him.
"You can put that back and get out of the store!" I yell.
"Who me???"
"Yeah you, I see you on the camera."
"Oh shit" as he pulls the vodka outta his pants and puts it back on the shelf.
It was a Saturday afternoon, the store had at least 20 people walking around at the time and all 20 of them were looking at him.

That's the fastest, easiest and safest way to deal with stealing.

Sometimes I let myself almost get into trouble, these people make me so mad. There was a display of Philly Blunts sort of in front of one of the registers. I saw this tall skinny black kid pick up the display and put in under his coat. I jumped over the counter and blocked the exit door and yelled "Put it back!!"
"Put what back??"
"The blunts under your coat, do it and get the hell out"
He did and left, he had 3 friends with him that were all laughing at him

Then there are times it gets bad. 2 women who looked like they slept in the gutter came in. They wanted a six-pack of beer. One used her credit card, it declined so her friend gave me her credit card so the other lady took the beer and waited in the car, but then her friend's card declined...then she ran out the door. So I jumped the counter and ran out the door too. By the time I get out the door their car is starting to move, I slapped one of the car's windows and yelled "You fucking pieces of shit trash!!" and then grabbed onto their radio antenna and bent it all up as it went through my hand. Yeah...sometimes I go a little overboard but it's exciting at the same time.

Sometimes you never know what you will do in a situation until it happens. You might tell yourself you are the type that thinks things out, that you always play it safe. Lol, you never know until it happens in my opinion.

Then the wtf happened? A young looking boy comes in, he looked maybe 20, his eyes were huge, he had to be doing some drugs. He was so spaced out we watched him on camera walking down every isle and picking up things until his arms where full. Then he turned towards the door and started walking a bit faster, but his fast walk was like a zombie running with cold stiff legs. The cooler boy and I ran outside and caught up to him, he started to hand somethings back to the cooler boy but he wouldn't let go of a half gallon of Captain Morgan that I had my hand on. He jumped into an awaiting running car that was backed into a space. I held on and the car started moving along with Captain Morgan, I heard it make a clink sound as the boy's arm snapped back and hit the car, along with my elbow. I hope that bottle cracked in the car, they made off with it and left me with a rug burn like wound on my elbow. The cops were called and a search was on for then, about 2 weeks later the boy's picture appears in newspaper under the obituaries, he died of a drug overdose was the rumor.

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