Monday, January 3, 2011

Raspy Guy

There's was a homeless guy that would come in everyday that we gave the nickname of 'Raspy', plain and simple reasoning of the guy had a raspy voice. For some reason or another Raspy took it upon himself to say he loved me and I was his favorite liquor store clerk.

Anywhoo, I would have to hide from him if we saw him approaching the store, if he saw me he would hang out and talk for hours. Even if I wasn't there he would hang out for at least 10 minutes too long. Sometimes it was hard to understand what he talking about because of his voice, which made his stay more pointless.

He disappeared for awhile and showed back up with a story of how his brother died and his mom was very sick. Then he was put in jail for causing a scene at the hospital.

The other day I stopped at a store and on his way of the same store was Raspy. Right away he saw me and said my name all happy. He looked totally different, haircut, shower, shave and he had glasses on his face. Since he was sober he didn't get pervy with me, instead he shook my hand and said "I've been sober for 90 days now today, it's good to see you."

Good for you Raspy, his voice was still awful but I was glad to see him sober and looking well.

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