Friday, January 7, 2011

She wanted a 12-pack

It was 5 minutes to closing time, there where at least 6 people in my line ready to go, all I have to do is ring them up, take their money and throw them out the door and we can lock the door and leave our private hell behind us for another night. But it's not that easy, there's people who don't give a shit that I've been on my feet for 8 hours, they don't care about anyone but themselves and the alcohol they want to get. They sneak into the exit door as people who have paid are leaving. It's like a crack in a dam.

This one bitch pushed her way past exiting customers. I yelled to stop from wondering around the store "What do you want? We are closing." all while I'm ringing up 3 cases of beer for group of Mexicans men, with about 5 people behind them in line. The cooler boy runs up to block her from walking further into the store, she gave me dirty look, but the cooler boy well not let her pass, he says "What do you want, I can get it, we are closing now"
"I want a 12 pack of Smirnoff orange" she says
"We don't have 12 packs of that, we only have 6-packs" cooler boy says
"Can I get the 6-packs for a 12-pack price???" she yells
The cool boy doesn't know prices, but he knows we don't have any 12 packs of dumb ass flavors, so he looks at me to give her a price.
"No" I said "We don't carry any 12 packs of flavors so I can't give you a price for something that we don't even have."

She says something about that not being fair. I'm working on my line of people and don't pay attention to her. The cooler boy takes off to get her something. Finally almost done with these people, only 2 more people and then the bitch.

Cooler boy brings up 2 6-packs of Smirnoff orange. She's saying towards me "I'm getting a 12 pack price!" lol, good luck lady, I'm thinking

It's her turn, I hit the 2x and ring up a 6-pack. "That'll be $14.89"
"Is that the 12 pack price!?!?!?!" she yells
"Sure is, I made one just for you." not hardly, I just 2x that shit so she didn't see it ring up by the 6-pack price. She gives me a nasty look, so I yelled "YOU ARE WELCOME!" right in her face. No one else is left in the store, so that bitch was all alone, made a loud ass scene for the 5 minutes she wasn't alone that's for sure. "I'm suppose to get a 12pack price." she said quietly. All I did was laugh at that.

Dear Customers,

The world owes you nothing.

Yours Truly,
Liquor Store Clerk

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