Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Snowing

Oh joy the snow is here, time to load up on beer and liquor to keep you warm while you are snowed in at home. It's just as important as milk, or maybe more important. Don't forget to play your lottery tickets too, you're numbers will most likely come out the night you don't play them.

Make sure to be extra rude to your liquor store clerks as they lock up tonight. If you see them in the parking lot cleaning off their cars, make sure to ask them if they can open the store back up just for you, because you deserve it... You almost killed a family of 5 to get to the liquor store, so they better be open when you get there.

If they say 'No' to your request to open the store back up, make sure to tell them they are assholes. After all being rude is the only thing that will get you what you deserve...

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