Saturday, January 8, 2011

A good customer, what the...?

Had a phone call from a guy that said he was in about 30 minutes ago and he believes I gave him $5 too much!! Well well what a nice guy! Congrats to you mister man, not everyone is as sweet as you. He then went on to say "I wanted to make sure you didn't get you into trouble or even fired over $5." OMG what a sweetheart for sure. I said to him "Oh thank you so much, you keep it, the worst that can happen is I'll be told about the shortage but I'll think I'll be ok, Thank you so much!" Then he said he would ask about it the next time he stopped in.

After a few minutes I remembered someone gave me 3 5's when they should of gave me only 2, maybe that was him, ah most likely it was him.

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