Monday, January 3, 2011

Trust Me

Hello, I'm your friendly liquor store clerk, why do you not trust me? Bah, I have nothing to prove to you. Look at you, you are the buying alcohol, I'm the one who shouldn't trust you in my opinion. You are a stranger in my place of work.

I have never stolen money from anyone, nor do I care to. I grew up believing that you earn everything in your life. That if you want something you earn it, you don't take.

So when you hand me a twenty dollar bill, I'll do this I'll give it the 'is this money real money?' test touch between my fingers, while doing this I have found many bills that where stuck together and guess what? I'm going to hand you back the money that stuck to the twenty, because it's not mine, it's yours, take it back.

When you hand me a dollar too much in your pile of bills, I also give that back to you and say "OOps a dollar too much."

If you hand me a lottery ticket and tell me to check it, I check it, if it's a winner I'll say "You won blah blah." If your ticket is a loser I'll say "Nope nothing, do you want it back?" If you say you don't want it back I make sure you see me rip it up throw it away.

Trust me, I'm not out to get you.

I like how when I hand most of you too much change or maybe I've handed you a dollar too much back nothing is said. But if you are missing a nickel you let me know?

Did you know that while I count your change I leave the amount you gave me on top of the drawer and I do not put it away until you have looked at your change and turn to leave? I bet you didn't. I do that so you can say "I gave you a twenty" and then I can say "Nope, you gave this here ten" and then I show you it.

Now there are a few really good people out there. Once a man came back in because one of his ten dollar bills had another ten stuck to it. A few people will give back too much change or that extra dollar, but doesn't happen a lot. What happens more is a person leaving and then coming back later that day and claim they gave me a fifty dollar bill but only got back change for a twenty.

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  1. this post = the truth! Not all clerks are thieves or dishonest people! Thank you!